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A Wide Range of Services

From simple cleaning and oiling to complete overhauls, Surich-Tech Agency can perform a complete restoration or renovation of traditional timepieces.

All of the repairs are only done one way - the right way.

Analog Clocks

Analog clocks are most often using famous clock face - moving hands of the hour and the minute handles over the arrangement of fixed numbered dials that are placed in a circle that signifies 12 hours of one day.


Sundials can also be considered analog clocks. With an over five-thousand-year-long tradition of using sundials (3500 BC – 1850s AD), this type of clock represents the longest-lasting clock design of our history.

Digital clocks

The rise of the digital era enabled us to gain access to very precise and reliable electronic clocks that display time using numeric displays.

Chronograph Watches

If you have the need to time something precisely, a chronograph watch is a great choice for you.

Dive Watches

A dive watch is designed for exactly what the name suggests. This type of watch is constructed in such a way that it will continue to function perfectly on the wrist of a diver.

Pilot Watches

Pilot watches usually feature large, easily-legible dials, often with hands that glow in the dark to allow the pilot to use the watch in low light conditions.

What Types Of Alarm Clocks Do You Know?


These are the traditional alarm clocks that people picture when they think of buying an alarm clock. They can fit easily on your bedside table, drawers, or another flat surface in your room, including a bookcase.


It is ideal if you have a very small bedroom, and only have room for a bed. These can easily be hung by your bed so that you could reach them to turn them off in the morning.

Gao Ah, Horologist at Surich-Tech Agency