The Varieties of Clocks

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The Varieties of Clocks

1. Wall

One of the most popular types of clocks for home and office use is the wall clock. These are very popular because it is usually fairly easy for somebody to find room on the wall where they can hang this clock. Because they are hung in a public place, it makes it easy for anybody who is in the room to quickly be able to glance up and see what time it is. Unlike other types of clocks that sit on desks and make it difficult for many people to see the time at once, a wall clock is a great way to ensure that everybody knows exactly what time it is, and that everybody is on the same schedule.

2. Oversized Wall

Oversized wall clocks are ideal in a number of situations where you want to have the wall clock available for everybody to see the time but need to make sure that it is a little bit larger so that nobody has difficulty seeing it clearly. One situation where an oversize wall clock is a better choice is when you are hanging the clock in an area where people who have vision problems will be looking at it. This may include a nursing home or an eye doctor’s office. Another great use of an oversized wall clock is in a particularly large space where people will be sitting far away from the clock and otherwise unable to see the time. Finally, these clocks are ideal in school settings, as it is easy for the teacher to be able to point at the time and help the students understand how to read a clock.

3. Mantel & Tabletop

Unlike wall clocks which are significantly larger and displayed on the wall for everybody to be able to view them, mantel or tabletop clocks are smaller and a bit more private. These clocks come in a variety of different designs and styles, so you can easily find one that will match with the décor of your home or office. They are usually more traditional in style, making them ideal in an office situation due to their classic design.

4. Maritime & Weather Station

Not just a great gift for anybody who enjoys nautical design in their home or office, maritime or weather station clocks allow the owner to keep an eye on the weather outside while also knowing the time. Rather than having separate pieces of equipment to measure the time, the humidity, and the weather, when you opt for a weather station or maritime clock, you will be able to see all of this information in one convenient location. This is perfect for anybody who is interested in monitoring the weather and learning more about it, or anyone who simply enjoys the appearance of these fascinating clocks.

5. Alarm

Just as popular as wall clocks are alarm clocks, as most people use these to help them get out of bed at a certain time in the morning. They are generally fairly small, and they can fit on a bedside table so that you can easily check the time during the night. When shopping for an alarm clock, there are a number of different features that you will want to consider, such as, whether not the clock has the ability to snooze, whether it has a radio, and whether you can set multiple alarms at once.

Alarm clocks with multiple features are generally a little bit more useful because they are able to have more than one alarm, and you can choose to wake up to the radio instead of beeping. Additionally, there are some alarm clocks that will move when they are sounding, so the owner must physically get out of bed to catch them. There are others that are shot with a laser gun to ensure that the person is fully awake before they can be turned off.